How to turn off cron in development environments.

Since Drupal 7, poormanscron (auto cron every interval) is in core, which is great. When working on multiple projects in a development environment, I like to turn off this feature though. I dont want every project to load for 5 secs the first time I'm accessing it after a few days working on another project. You could change the cronsettings on admin/config/system/cron I prefer adding the next line to your development settings.php

$conf['cron_safe_threshold'] = '0';

By the way, I do not recommend to do this on live sites

Quicksearch in Chrome

As a Drupal Developer, I'm querying the d.o api and modules quite often. I grew tired of clicking the correct bookmark, and then firing a search, so I tweaked my chrome.

In chrome, go to this url:

Scroll down, at the bottom you can add your personal "search engines".

I added these 2:

Drupal 7 API - drapi -
Drupal Modules - drmod -

Typing "drmod views" in your addressbar will now search on d.o on all views related modules.


Easily switching sessions

I'm working on a project which has many different user-roles (Django framework) and find myself logging out and in too frequently.
So I digged up a firefox plugin I havent used for some time: CookieSwap.

Login to a user, switch to another profile, login with another user.
Tadaa, you can now switch between 2 users in 1 second!

 Go Go PowerUser!

Small things do mather: instant filter

Enabling/Disabling a module in drupal can be annoying, if you have lotsa modules, as Ctrl-F will stop at each 'required' hit too.

Instant Filter makes you find your module instantly (Whoa, what an appropriate module name!), by grouping only the modules containing your search string.

Powerusers: file this in: drush make default install


Forget about instantfilter
module_filter is what you're looking for